IBM Integration Bus Administration

IBM Integration Bus Administration
IBM Integration Bus Administration

IBM Integration Bus offers a wide variety of flexible administration tools
  • This reflects its underlying nature as a production strength tool
  • 3rd party administration tools are also available (BMC,CA,IBM   Tivoli...) for
  • Integrating into a corporate administration
IBM Integration Explorer is the visual (GUI) interface for casual administrationƒ
  • Eclipse- based plug-in for WMQ Explorerƒ
  • Available on Linux and Windows
Lightweight Web Administration for zero-footprint visual administration
  • Supports IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome....
A full Command Line interface is also availableƒ
  • Consistent interface on all platforms
  • Useful for administration from scripting environments
  • SDSF commands also provided for IIB on z/OS
The IIB Java API is the underlying administration API
  • Available to any administrator to develop routinesƒ
  • A solid base for corporate, repeatable, controlled administration
REST-based administration interface supporting HTTP clients
  • Compatible with Java API

Integration Bus Content

Simple & Productive
  • Graphical Mapper: stored procedures, patterns and enhanced conversion of older maps
  • BPM Express/Standard (Lombardi) Integration: Process Designer synergy and integrated deployment
  • Web Tools: Real-time Performance Statistics for understanding system behavior
Universal & Independent
  • WESB Conversion: Import and conversion of mediation flows and “to do” list
  • MQ service discovery to facilitate sharing of service definitions
  • Database discovery and analysis tools for diversified access to systems of record
  • DFDL improvements including length Kind “pattern” and enhancements for TLOG
  • .NET Input node, Dynamics and MSMQ samples and patterns, support for Windows Server 2012
  • System of awareness for service mapping application oriented integration
Industry Specific & Relevant
  • Healthcare Pack update: MB8 Exploitation, DICOM Imaging, Analytics with Netezza and COGNOS
Dynamic & Intelligent
  • Integrated Workload Traffic shaping policies to manage back-end system load
  • Managing unresponsive integration flows for improved overall system reliability
  • Business Decision Services using ODM technology for business rules integration
  • Security enhancements: Improved Basic Auth, Multiple certificates, CRL checking
High Performing & Scalable
  • Embedded cache extensions: External cache, expiry and SSL support
  • Flexible Cloud Provisioning with IWS, SCAS and Pure, including Pure POWER support.
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